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Jump into 2010
31 December 2009

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Two role models.
26 June 2009

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Temple door
16 June 2009

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7 June 2009

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Only Blue
5 May 2009

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Ferry Blue
4 May 2009

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Fruit Stand, Trinidad
23 February 2009

Recent Comments

daphne on Mot Mot bird, Tobago
Most beautiful bird. So sorry we didn't see it in Costa Rica.

cecil james on The last corner of the earth, Charlotteville
i love this place wish to come here its tress are awsummmmmm.............

justine Miller on Puppy Jim
ohhhhhhhhhh how cute!!!!

justine Miller on Dip in the Pool
looks warm :)

justine Miller on Escape
this is my favorite photograph of yous!!! it is my laptop background!!!

justine Miller on Bee.
that makes me jealous

justine Miller on Daddy love
i recognize those faces

justine Miller on Those eyes.
i miss her

justine Miller on Cosy
i am sooo jealous

Curly on Soft
There is no camera information to guide us here, but it looks like it was shot on auto focus. Unfortunately the most ...

Frances Berry on Swamp Jam
I love the repetition and the leading line.

Curly on Swamp Jam
Super composition to just about fill the frame with boats!

zahra on Dip in the Pool
very nice,great.

cassiel on Dip in the Pool
Good composition, the clarity on the water is great

Manu on Dip in the Pool
nice :)

Sandi Halverstadt on Dip in the Pool
Creative. How did you get 3 photos on one day like that?

HE'sART on Dip in the Pool
GREALTY done in everyway in looking @ a picture. Great job!

Frances Berry on Tree of the New Year
Wonderful composition. I like how you fill the frame. And the leaves of the tree look very soft while the trunk is ...

Elodie on Beauty
Beautiful portrait.

MK on Elephant collage
Very cool!

Self-Indulgence on Elephant collage
Nicely done!!

Tim on Elephant collage
wow, cool shots! shows awesomeness of nature :)

Ana Lúcia on Elephant collage
What a beautiful montage!! Brilliant and amazingly done!

Kaushal on Elephant collage
Wow, excellent capture! Would love to go on one of these safaris!

Dimitrios on Jump into 2010
excellent and very fresh, all the best from Athens Greece, Dimitrios.

Dimitrios on Beauty
excellent and very fresh, all the best from Athens Greece, Dimitrios.

Marie on Jump into 2010
jolie lumière, et jolie scène.

BLISTR on Beauty
She is gorgeous. Wonderful portrait.

Susan on After Jean Francois Millet
A powerful composition!

Susan on Beauty
She is enchanting, as is the photograph.

Twinklestamper on Beauty
*smiles!* Happy 2010!

Shahryar on Jump into 2010
nice shot,have a good time :) HAPPY NEW YEAR :))

Curly on Jump into 2010
How to end the year with a great splash, best wishes for 2010.

Fade ToBLACK on Jump into 2010
Great shot

Garfield on Staring at the sunset
I really like this portrait. The blending of skin tone and background, the wonderful light/shadow and skin tone, the ...

Rookie on Staring at the sunset
Such a gorgeous nd cute portrait.

Jerry on After Jean Francois Millet
great crop with the sky over the most part of the picture

Jerry on Sorgham
exactly the right time. Great!

Jeff on After Jean Francois Millet
Your choice of composition, with the large sky, really gives this photo a great sense of scale. Well done.

k@ on After Jean Francois Millet
Yep, Millet would have appreciated for sure, your version of her "Glaneuses" - superb !

dideban on Village Woman
Very good

zahra on Village Woman
nice colors

Jacqueline on Village Woman
Very nice portrait !

Jacqueline on Cow View
The use of the front to show the country side is very well done

Jacqueline on Crested Cranes
cute, cute !

Jacqueline on Sorgham
This is really a good photo, also the tones are very intersting

k@ on School Boy
Hey your page is wonderful - love my stroll in your Portfolio*

k@ on Sorgham
Oh what a wonderful movement & scene !

k@ on Village Woman
Wonderful colors and portrait !

Vitor Martins on Crested Cranes
Beautiful shot.

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